The hidden snapping turtle

If you want to eat here you’ll need to find us first. Tortuga Caiman is a mexican grill & bar that serves the best authentic mexican food, and has a extensive draft list filled with local craft brews. We wanted to serve the best possble food for the best people. That’s the reason why we hid the restuarant, we aren’t on google maps. To find the us you’ll need to search for the clues close by in the city, they lead to the promised food.


We have rotating specials on most menu items, and weekly specials for select dishes. Specials on beer are also rotating, with happy hour is 5-6 each Friday.

Check back weekly for new deals and events, posted on Sunday

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Start your adventure here

Start looking for clues at the corner of W 23rd St & 10th Ave. Arrows lead the way and the pattern wall marks the way to the finishline, once there you should see the door to cielo. Don’t forget to check Snapchat during you’re journey, you’ll find a suprise along the way.